Three Quick Fixes to Cover Your Grays

What's a brunette girl to do when she has random gray hairs popping up every day (they seem to come out of nowhere) or is in need of a quick fix between colorings? I found three great products that work well to cover grays. Read on for more...

My grays are around the front and within the crown of my head. Here they are camouflaged well. Nail color is  Essie's Merino Cool. Jewelry by Kelly Gerber.

One of the best ways to cover gray hairs is with the TouchBackQUIX Hair color Marker. It comes in several shades and is easy to apply and control. It's REAL hair color in a marker that bonds to hair and will not rub or flake off. Just lift hair up and away from the scalp and apply to gray area. Washes out with shampoo.

Everpro Beauty Gray Away temporary root concealer has a self-adjusting color technology that   matches hair color perfectly and dries quickly. The spray application product is made of mineral derived pigments (no dyes) so it's safe for pregnant women. It's perfect if you have a lot of concentrated more line of gray roots in between colorings. Available in two color options--Light Brown and Dark/Brown Black.

Roux Tween Time Temporary Hair Touch up stick a temporary color crayon that applies like a lipstick and washes away with shampoo. I like this product because it is good to keep in your bag for quick touch-ups or for travel.