Must-Have Accessory: Chic iPhone Strap & Holder

When I was getting ready for fashion week, I did a bit a shopping beforehand at some of my favorite LA boutiques. I was so excited when I found an amazing new accessory at Madison to bring along with me...a chic strap to hold my iPhone 5 while running around from show to event. This was the perfect accessory to bring to fashion week (or for any time when on the go).  I carry it like a cross-body bag for easy access to take photos, tweet, instagram, text and  make calls.

 I am stopped by someone every time I wear it and they always want to know where to get one! There are lots of great styles to choose from and you can order one from the links below.



This was a BIG hit at fashion week! 

Bandolier was founded by two LA moms.  Best friends and hollywood insiders, Maggie Drake and Colleen Karis, waited for someone to create the product that they envisioned - an iPhone case with a chic chain.  When no one did - they decided to design it and create it themselves. Brilliant!

Below are some of the styles available!