Crush on Proactiv Skin Care Products!

I recently tried Proactiv, a skincare line with a huge celebrity following. The brand is known for controlling and preventing acne, and for improving the overall condition of the skin. All of their well-known spokespeople were loyal users before they represented the brand. I was very impressed by how well these products work after giving them a road test. Here are some of my favorites below...

Julianne Hough for Proactive 

Applying the  Proactive Refining Mask

After using the mask, my skin felt tighter and smoother. I followed up with the green tea moisturizer.

The  Proactiv mini-maintenance travel kit is perfect to take with you on long weekends. I love that the exfoliating cleanser has tiny scrubbing beads!

After I applied the moisturizer, my skin (no filter or retouching) felt dewey, revitalized and smooth.

Adam Levine is the latest spokesperson for  Proactiv

Adam Levine is the latest spokesperson for Proactiv