How to Best Navigate Designer Collaborations + Pieces Scored at Isabel Marant X H&M

I am excited that many amazing designers like Isabel Marant and 3.1 Phillip Lim are collaborating with stores like H&M and Target these days. More fashionistas can finally own some fabulous designer pieces and not break the bank. While these collaborations are great, they are often difficult to navigate unless you are on top of your game. Here are my first-hand tips on how to best score some pieces on your wish list. 

Isabel Marant patterned silk top and pants, $99 each. Can be worn to look like a jumpsuit as shown here.

1. Get there early, at least an hour before the store opens - it's the only way to scoop up the most coveted merchandise…usually bags and shoes go first. If you are unable to get to the store at an ungodly hour, try offering an intern or local student a gift from the collection worth $25 - $50 for doing you the favor of waiting on line.

2. Make sure you choose the largest store in your area---they will have more merchandise and better your chances of getting your favorite items.

2. Be a scavenger and shop in dressing room...make friends with the other girls and trade sizes and styles with items you are not taking. 

3. Go back to store last day of returns (usually the seventh day) to see what is available. I did this for the 3.1 Phillip Lim collab with Target and ended up with one of the bags that was sold out within the first ten minutes.

4. If you absolutely can't get to the store, you need to be glued to your computer and log on to the site the second the collection becomes available. Warning: Quite often, the sites can't handle the barrage of traffic, and crash.

5. Vaunte, an on-line consignment shop featuring the clothing of socialites, stylists and editors picked up pieces from the recent Isabel Marant collaboration with H&M. You can buy current merchandise from their site directly for the same price. Subscribe to get the email when the items arrive.

6.. If you are really bummed out about not scoring any pieces, there is always eBay! The prices are usually double the retail price.


Isabel Marant blouse in silk chiffon with printed pattern, $99. Pura Lopez low cut high heel bootie, $410

Here are some of last week's purchases from the Isabel Marant X H&M collaboration. This collection is almost identical to several runway pieces from earlier regular collections and the quality is excellent for the price point. 

Isabel Marant denim jacket with embroidered detail, $59.95

Back of the denim jacket details.

Isabel Marant sleeveless racerback linen tank top, $29.95. Black wool jacket with silk lapels, $149.

Details on the back of the black tuxedo blazer.

Isabel Marant knit scarf, $49.95. Pura Lopez low cut high heel boots in black, $410.

Note: I was unable to get everything on my wish list so will be returning to H&M on Thursday to see if I can snag a pair of the leather pants and some sweaters!