How to Relax Your Hair Safely: New Japanese Straightening

I have been getting my hair Japanese straightened by Yuki for several years, usually right before the summer.  When I lived in NY, I really needed it because the humidity would make my hair unruly and frizzy. I have never tried the Keratin treatment (Brazilian straightener) because it contained formaldehyde. I was so happy to hear that now there is a less damaging version of the original Japanese straightening product that is safe to use on highlighted hair. It's by Milbon and called Liscio Crystal Highlight Smoothing formula. I asked Yuki who is now at the Pierre Michel salon to go through the steps with me so that I could share his magic! To find a salon near you that offers this process, click here.

This is a new smoothing process for people who have frizzy  or difficult hair to style. It makes the hair super easy to manage. My hair looks and feels smooth and silky after the process.

Because my hair has highlights on the top, sides and at the ends, it needs special attention, extra care and conditioning.  If you have highlights like me, this will be a two-step process.

Step 1: Yuki -"I first protect the hair with Milbon's hair protection solution (especially the highlights). Then, I apply the regular strength product to the back section which has a stronger wave.. I leave in the regular solution for 15 minutes then rinse out."


Step 2:  Yuki - "I apply protection treatment starting from the roots."

Step 3: Yuki - "I then apply a mild straightening solution mix with the protection treatment. This is the new Liscio highlight smoothing product by Milbon. Use as directed and then rinse."



Step 4: Yuki - "Blowdry straight after rinsing."

Step 5: Yuki - "Use heat to lock in silky smoothness (either with a straightening or curling iron)."

I like my hair wavy so Yuki uses a curling iron.

Step 6: "Put in neutralizer." 

Step 7: "Wash hair."

Step 8: "Blowdry again."


Lots of steps and four hours later. Worth it because it's so easy to manage my own hair now. The process is expensive but lasts for 6-8 months.