The FabYOUList: Susan Campbell Cross & her Inspiring Memoir on Reinvention

Susan Campbell Cross gave up a career to stay home with her kids....sound familiar? Once she was “closer to forty than thirty” she realized that aside from being a mom, she hadn’t fulfilled many of her lifelong dreams. As she says in her inspiring new memoir The FabYOUList, “I didn’t just push myself to the back burner; I was off the stove entirely!” 

Susan thought of all the dreams she had as a young woman and then listed forty goals and challenged herself to accomplish every one of them before her 40th birthday. Her list included “fly on the trapeze,” “take a surfing lesson,” “skinny dipping,” and “get a paid acting job.” Number forty on the list was “write a book” and The FabYOUList: List It, Live It, Love Your Life is all about how she achieved numbers 1 through 39, and what she learned along the way. 

Susan shares her fascinating personal growth memoir and adventures on how she got there. She takes on challenges that force her to confront her fears and create a new life. Mixed in are her hysterical anecdotes and tips for how you can rediscover your dreams, make lists of your own, and give yourself permission to start pursuing your passions.  The topic of reinvention resonates with so many women, and Susan empowers us by sharing her personal experiences and challenges of conquering her biggest to-do list.

Susan is one of the most inspirational women I know. She is an author, wife, mom of three, lifestyle expert, the lifestyle editor for SHAPE, OK!, and Star Magazines, and is a contributor of the Daily Muse.  Her articles have appeared on Huff Post Women, Forbes Woman, and Yahoo Shine. For more about Susan, visit her website at

With Susan Campbell Cross at Cuvee in West Hollywood.