5 Must-Haves to Stay Organized with Style

Keeping our "things" organized can be a constant challenge, especially if you are a hoarder (hello!). Over the years, I have worked with some of the best personal organizers who have given me their tips and tricks to keep my personal space looking chic and neat.

From your home office to the kitchen pantry, below are my top five must-have items that will help you achieve the organized environment you've always dreamed of.

1. Coordinating files and boxes for your home office

These assorted boxes are available in several colors and sizes and are perfect for storing papers, files and supplies. Make sure you purchase a label-maker (I like the one by Brother P-Touch) to label each box so you can easily find what you need.

2. Necklace and bracelet organizer & 80-pocket hanging jewelry organizer

I love that you can hang these on a closet rod or hook for quick access to your jewelry collection. The two-sided organizers hold up to 21 necklaces and 14 bracelets. These were life-changing for me as I like to change up my jewelry and accessories every day!

The 80-pocket version is perfect for earrings!

3. Glampetite Makeup Organizer by GLAMboxes

Make-up has a way of accumulating in drawers and cases where they never see the light of day. Try using these acrylic boxes to help organize your favorite cosmetics and keep what you use regularly on hand. The ones by GLAMboxes are high quality and look great in a bathroom.

4. Matching tupperware bins for the kitchen

To help with the clutter in your pantry, try using matching tupperware bins in assorted sizes for storing cereals, popcorn, pasta and other snacks. The photo below is my dream pantry (but close to impossible to maintain with teenage kids in the house). 

5. PurseN handbag organizer

Say good-bye to searching for your wallet, phone, keys, lipgloss or sunglasses in your handbag! These handbag organizer inserts by PurseN are available in two sizes and come in several fun patterns. I've been using them in my tote bags for years now!

Watch my video on how to best organize your bag with a PurseN organizer insert.