Eco-Beauty: 5 Best Organic Skin Care Products You Should Try

We should all take a moment to ask ourselves, “how do the products I buy and the companies I support contribute to the Earth’s wellbeing?" You CAN make a difference by using organic products that are natural and socially responsible! Below are some of my favorite organic beauty picks to try:

1. Marula Oil Pure Facial Oil 

Marula Pure Beauty Oil is a powerful, natural anti-aging product, that touts 60% more antioxidants than Argan Oil. The Marula tree grows wild in Africa, therefore, no pesticides or man-made irrigation are necessary. Only fallen Marula fruits are harvested by hand, consuming no electricity in the process. The extraction of the oil is also performed by hand. I adore and use this oil regularly. 

Marula Oil Pure Facial Oil, $78

2. Chandanni Face Grace moisturizer 

This Ayurvedic face cream is good for all skin types and best used at night to repair and heal your skin. I love the unique texture and how well it hydrates. It's also made with the highest grade essential oils--organic almond, sesame, lavender, bergamot, calendula and rosewood. Founder and creator Chandanni Miglino is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (the natural healing science of India) so you know this is one cream to put on your must-have list.

3. Aillea Enrich Deep Sea Hydrating Cleanser

The Enrich cleanser contains kelp (a nutrient-rich plant with detoxifying properties), marine extracts, Hawaiian deep-sea water mixed with a blend of organic coconut and avocado oils that help protect and nourish the skin. Bioactive ingredients bring age-defying benefits while pampering sensitive skin. AILLEA products are free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals and endocrine disrupters. This fabulous cleansing cream is very gentle and perfect for all skin types.

4.BeautyCounter Glow Sugar Scrub
This sugar scrub is from one of the best organic, chemical-free skincare and beauty lines, BeautyCounter. It exfoliates and softens skin by buffing away dull skin cells while moisturizing at the same time.  Mineral-rich oils such as evening primrose, sweet almond, apricot kernel, and sunflower leave skin looking smooth. Bonus: açai berry extract delivers antioxidants, fatty acids, and natural enzymes to support healthy-looking skin. The refreshing lemongrass scent is derived from a mix of pure essential citrus oils. I like to use this product in the shower a few times a week!


5. Vineyard Hill hand and Body Wash, Body Butter

The body wash and moisturizer by Vineyard Hill contain vitamins A-E. They are delivered to the skin organically, using ingredients such as grape seed oil, and plant extracts from calendula, chamomile, green tea, cucumber, and arnica. These anti-aging properties neutralize free radicals that damage skin's collagen. Vineyard Hill natural products are a great value plus the lavender scent is amazing!