Get Beautiful Using Safe Beauty Products: Hello Beautycounter

Do you know what toxic chemicals are in your everyday beauty and skincare products? I certainly did not until I became acquainted with Beautycounter. This new line's skincare, body care, and beauty products are effective, toxin-free and safe. Beautycounter's mission is to get safe beauty and skincare products into the hands of everyone. Here's the 411...

Beautycounter's lip sheer in petal. These are super moisturizing and you can build up the color depending on how much you use. Necklace by Essie Collection, $100. Contact to order.

Beautycounter products are sold in several ways. You can sign up as a brand consultant and set up one-on-one meetings or "socials" (small groups of women who get together to see and try the products). One of the perks of being a host of the social is getting some free and half price products.  Hosts can make commission on the products sold. Also, customers can buy directly from the e-commerce website provided by their host or at I love the concept as it empowers women to create their own small business by selling quality products that are truly safe!


Some of my personal favorites include the routine clean cleanser, the every night moisturizer and the lip sheers.

These facts can help give more insight to safer cosmetic ingredients: 

  • 80% of the 10,000 chemicals used in our every day products have never been tested for safety by a public agency.
  • 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime
  • The European Union has banned over 1300 toxic chemicals from their products. The United States has banned 11. 

Beautycounter's NEVER LIST outlines the chemicals that would never be included in their products. Many of these ingredients make up our toiletries and beauty products stocked in our bathroom cabinets!

The lip sheer is one of my favorite Beautycounter products! Statistics show that we consume six pounds of lipstick in our lives and most are made with toxic chemicals including lead. 

Buy the Complete Lip Collection here, $175. Or, sold individually for $28.

If you are looking for that perfect, natural shade of pink, try the lip sheer in petal. 

Beautycounter lip sheer in petal, $28.

Their newest line of anti-aging products, Countertime, has been proven effective in clinical trials. This line consists of 6 anti-aging products that hydrate, firm and nourish skin.

Buy the anti-aging "Countertime Collection"  here , $295. Products also sold individually.

Buy the anti-aging "Countertime Collection" here, $295. Products also sold individually.

Beautycounter has banned over 1500 chemicals from their products. After trying several of them, I think the quality is top-notch. I highly recommend them!

Michelle Nadel
Beautycounter Consultant

Michelle Nadel is one of the beauty consultants  who recently signed on and reached out to me. Michelle states, "the business, is partly to sell our fabulous products and partly to share the knowledge of the current state of the beauty industry, which is grossly unregulated. The two parts of our business are intertwined. Once we learn a little bit about what is in our products, we are happier to try a safe, but effective, alternative. Beautycounter was just named by MSN one of the Top 10 companies in the country which is "revolutionizing retail", along side The Container Store and Amazon."

Michelle Nadel 

Beautycounter Consultant
Truth - Beauty - Transparency

Travel Essentials: Be Chic and Pretty

It's that time of year when we all seem to be traveling somewhere (hopefully warm)! Here are some of my must-have travel essentials.

You can spot your luggage easily with these luggage tags! I love that you can personalize them.

If you are traveling abroad, these are the best adapters!

Flight 001, 4-in-1 Adapter, $25

4 plugs, 1 adapter, 150 countries!

My favorite all time hair products packaged in travel-size containers.

No more shiny face after a long flight or drive!

Best travel jewelry case ever! 
Clos-ette Premium Travel Jewelry Case, $69

Keeps your lips so hydrated and plumps too!

LipSmart Hydrating Lip Volumizer, OpenSky, $27

These light-weight suitcases are so fun and perfect for a weekend get-away or as a stylish carry-on.



TSA-friendly gunmetal clutch holds five of Julie Macklowe's vBeaute best skincare essentials!

The Best Red Lip Color: Sangria!

I found out about  Laura Mercier's Sangria red lip color when I interviewed the Dannijo girls and asked Jodie (one of the sisters of this fab jewelry duo) what color she was wearing on her lips. It's so difficult to find a good red lipstick so I bought it to see how it looked on me. I have a hard time with reds but really like this one so thought I would share. Would love to know some of your favorite reds too!