Natural Food Services & Programs for a Healthy You

Any day is a great one to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Changing your eating habits can be a difficult process but thanks to these Natural Food Services, living healthy is easier than ever. Whether you need to reboot and detox your body with a cleanse, or want to learn to cook with more organic vegetables, these services have you covered. Each one of them offers an online shop and doorstep delivery so that a healthy lifestyle is just one click away! Enjoy more energy, clarity of mind and delicious food with these cleanses, programs and markets!

Cold. Pressed. Raw.

If you’re looking for a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle then a Cold. Pressed. Raw. detox will be perfect for you. CPR juices are "cold pressed" because they are made using a hydraulic cold press machine. That means that this juice is even more nutritious and delicious than anything you could make at home because there is no heat and the juice is less oxidized. These juices deliver more antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and provide the very best for your body. This juice detox will give you the reboot your body craves while eliminating toxins and giving your digestive system a break from chemicals, salts and sugars.

Chef V Organic Cleanse

Chef V offers a cleanse that does wonders for those who want to shed a few pounds in anywhere from three to twenty-one days. The signature Green Drink contains mostly veggies which is optimal for a prolonged cleanse. The Green Drink is different from other green juices because it is blended so that fibers from the veggies are retained from the whole vegetable, which helps your body burn more fat! These juices along with Chef V's shakes and detox soups can be delivered to your door with a subscription. Chef V’s cleanse is a responsible and effective way to cleanse your body and get healthy. 

La Dolce Vita Gourmet  

La Dolce Vita Gourmet was established by, Chef, Nutritionist and celebrity trainer Joanna Fiore and interior designer Michael Valentine.  La Dolce Vita Gourmet offers an array of all natural and gourmet products like cashew butter, superfood juices, cashew paté, and dressings. All products are made from The La Dolce Vita Cafe Airstream which has been retrofitted with a modern stainless steel kitchen and all preparation takes place in a state of the art commercial kitchen and packing facility. The best part of this natural food supplier is that 100% of the proceeds go to La Dolce Vita Animal Rescue Foundation which helps neglected animals through rehabilitation. 


In 2005, Chef Kelly began Paleta in her kitchen by delivering clients healthy twists on haute cuisine with ingredients sourced from local farms, cruelty-free ranches, and responsible fisheries. Chef Kelly has made it her mission to introduce the world to a healthier lifestyle. Paleta offers  designer meal services, cleanses, organic cold-pressed juices, and healthy snacks which can all be designed for people who suffer from certain allergy restrictions. Paleta is an amazingly convenient way to change the way you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between!

Farmbox Direct  

Farmbox Direct began with the idea that even the busiest of households should have constant access to fresh and organic fruits and veggies. Ashley Tyrner put this idea to the test and used her experience growing up on a farm to handpick organic fruits and veggies and deliver them to families looking to eat great produce. This farm to table box is perfect for families who can’t make it to the farmers market every week and benefit from having it delivered to their doorstep.  A box of delicious, organic and responsibly grown fruits and veggies start at $40-60 a week.

Organically Thin

Mia Stern, a natural food chef and organic food lover, has created a program to slim down and eat better without feeling like dieting. Her program can last either 5 or 10 days and provides shopping lists, recipes and encouragement to discover natural and healthy eating. Her recipes include items you may have never eaten before like hemp seed or dates but the delicious recipes will turn these ingredients into your favorites. Mia’s program is meant to be an exciting way to break into a new lifestyle and lose weight along the way. Organically Thin is an enthusiastic support system there to share ideas or suggestions and provide encouragement.

Abe's Market

Abe’s market is a natural and organic e-commerce company that makes shopping for healthy foods more convenient for you. Abe’s Market stands by the belief that “wellness is not just for the wealthy” and aims to make deliciously healthy products available at a lower than usual cost. This convenient health mart allows you to try new items that have been tested and loved without spending too much. Abe’s Market is great for day to day shopping or for those with special dietary restrictions. Gluten free, vegan and low sugar foods are offered along with natural remedies, home supplies and body care from lip gloss to shampoo!