Create the Perfect Cat-Eye: Lessons from Alexa Chung

I love the look of a cat eye but find most liquid eyeliners difficult to control and time-consuming to apply. Thanks to "it" girl Alexa Chung, there is a product that's so easy to use, it's pretty much dummy-proof.


Alexa teamed up with Eyeko to develop a set for creating the perfect cat eye, her go-to beauty look. Below is a quick video by Alexa Chung on how-to create the perfect cat eye!

 My daughter Rachel is a big fan of the cat-eye look so I asked her to test out and demonstrate the product.

Step 1: Draw the outer line first and wing out from the top of the lid. The EyeKo liquid eyeliner is like a pen marker and can be applied with great control.

Super Easy to Apply

Super Easy to Apply

Step 2: Finish with EyeKo mascara for extra thick, dark lashes. Add a dark lip stain and a quick brush of your favorite eye shadow to complete the look. 

Rachel Meyers

The verdict: Amazing new product. LOVE!

Product Information:

Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner:  Waterproof, carbon black pen liner. To ensure the perfect line, each eyeliner comes with a limited edition Eyeko shield to prevent mistakes and block under eye skin from smudges.

Eye Do Mascara: This mascara coats each lash in a botanical-infused formula for extra nourishment and WIDELASH technology for 3 times more volume.

Wear Purple Make-up On Your Eyes So They Pop!

For a modern and fresh take on your eye make-up routine, try wearing shades of purple.  
Purple eye make-up enhances any eye color (and certainly makes the eyes pop)! Here's how to create the look...

First you need to choose the right eye shadow palette and apply the various shades as shown below. I personally love YSL's eyeshadow palette and eyeliner!

Cover the entire lid with with the lightest shade.

Apply purple color in the crease.  You can mix the palette with the other shades to create depth.

I am thrilled that radiant orchid is the pantone color of the year! This shade looks amazing when worn in the crease of the eyelid. 



Now apply a deep purple eyeliner just below the lower rim and above the upper rim of your lash line. YSL makes a great one called Shimmering Burgundy and it's the perfect plum with brown undertones. 

Laura Mercier also makes a beautiful violet shade eye pencil that is waterproof too!

Finish with your favorite mascara.